you NEVER get a second chance to MAKE the first impression EP (2011)

by Worldhood

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released January 5, 2011

music/lyrics by Worldhood,
recorded in Studio Brussel, Praha by Pe.Klo
art by Miriz



Track Name: Hero or Driveller

What is the path you want to go?
Are you willing to go on-wards even if it shows you places you’d rather not know?

Are you ready to take it all?
No alibi, no excuses
It’s sink or swim,
You either stand or fall.

Who would you rather be?
A creep crouching in the corner or the man who shines with desire to be free?

Are you ready to walk the walk?
Because just talking is no use, it takes actions to prove whether you mean it at all

Are you a hero, hero or driveller?
Track Name: Horse and Hound

There's a dog on a leash, there's a puppet on a string
both yielding to their master's hand, while dreaming of escaping
There's a horse under a whip, a slave's back bent in a plea
both pretending to obey while hoping to break free

There's a part of them in you and me

I'm the dog and the slave, hoping desperately
to escape all, I've embraced voluntarily
The animal and the leash, both is in me
I keep staring at the prison door, although I hold the key

There's this paradox in you and me,
we both long for freedom but we're too weak to break free
too scared, too numb,too lazy,
too weak to break free